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We believe that football supporters should have the choice to stand in a Safe Standing area, if they so wish. Stadiums would retain seated solar for schools accommodation for those who wished to sit. It is clear that many supporters have a strong desire to stand.

The Football Supporters' Federation - Safe Standing campaign

The battle to save the route from closure was hard fought and gallant, however this battle was eventually lost and a Great British railway white gold rings route died in January 1969. This site aims to recall some of the history of that route, as well as keep members up-to-date with developments to try and bring the railway back to the Borders.

Our aims are to enlist public support for the reinstatement of the rail link to the Borders area of Southern Scotland and Northern England. Get the cheapest business electricity and reduce your electricity bills. To raise the awareness of the need for the need for rail within the Borders Community. To press for the rapid development of the rail link.

The no campaign had welcomed the announcement by the Treasury that its economic tests on euro membership have not been passed and that joining the euro now would be against Britain’s economic interests.

We hope that by browsing through this site you will learn something of the needs of this area for modern communication links and the potential that lies within the borders for economic criminal solicitors growth which is at present stifled by the lack of transport links.

To make the views of the Population of the Borders known to the Ministers and Civil Servants responsible for the transport policy regarding the Borders. To encourage and support both business and private projects to reinstate the rail link

We guarantee that your details won't be passed to anyone else and we will keep you fully informed of how the campaign is going.

To join the Campaign simply complete the form below. You will then be directed to the petiton so that you can sign that as well. Please do both as it is important that we have a good number of members in order to be taken seriously by football clubs, safety authorities and the Government.





A History of Stand Up Sit Down Campaign

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